The isontina state library is open in the following schedule: monday-friday 7:45-18:45; saturday 7:45-13:15
The book’s distribution is open in the following schedule: monday-friday 8:15-18:00- saturday 8:15-13
If you want to book on-line through book loan (after registration at the opac), to view the news and much more:
Check the catalogo del polo sbn fvg biblioest
For tablet or smartphones download the app mobile del catalogo
Go to the „prestito on-line di e-book” and see “la nuova bibliografia di e-book su biblioest”
At the moment the documented heritage of the library can’t be checked on-line, so it’s our pleasure to tell you to visit the paper catalogues in our headquarter of the bibliographical sources in the website.
The isontina state library participates since 2018 to the digitisation’s programme of old books.

The websites of the latest versions have been set in motion from the autumn 1999 until the 31st january 2012 and from 1st februar 2012 until 16th march 2018.